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Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)

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The Pallet Company

is the processor for Carter Holt Harvey’s Downfall Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL).

This product is available through Engineered Pine Products (EPP)

What is LVL?

LVL is an engineered product manufactured from peeling wood from logs into layers of thin veneer, approximately 3mm in thickness. The sheets of veneer are assembled together by a strong adhesive through a continuous press, into long billets of 1200mm wide, with a thickness of 35-90mm and cut off in 12m lengths.

The finished product is cut to length and split into sizes to make scaffold planks, beams for housing and various stud materials. From this process, downfall product is sorted that does not meet structural specifications.

LVL can be cut and machined using normal wood working tools.

Products – LVL products include:

  • Kiln Fillets
  • Bed Slat material
  • Bearers-used under timber and for masterpacks
  • Concrete form work
  • Various custom made profiles and sizes

LVL Downfall is recommended as the product of choice for the above due to its cost effectiveness, heat resistant nature and LVL #2 is less likely to warp, twist, bow or shrink due to its engineered construction.

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The Pallet Company was pleased to be once again the major sponsor for the ARHT Golf day held at Aviation Country Club.

This year our annual golf day was a complete sell out! with a record year raising over $24,000 for the chopper! Thank you to all our supporters on the day!! We are thankful to the teams, people and companies who turn out every year to make this a success!

We look forward to 2017! – watch this space for registration details!