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Our Services and Information

The Pallet Company offers the following services:

Pallet Design Software (PDS)

We offer a pallet design service that incorporates a specialised drawing program to ensure specifications meet national and international standards. By ensuring load ratings are correct, breakage and associated costs are greatly minimised.

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The Pallet Company offers heat treatment to the international ISPM-15 Standard.

Packaging that is certified by The Pallet Company includes the following: Packing declaration, branded with The Pallet Company registration number, type of treatment, and the ISPM-15 symbol. If these standards are not met, the exporter can be liable for excess costs, e.g. storage demurrage (storage costs at the port), fumigation costs, or the freight is liable to be denied access to its destination point and returned.

“Requirements For Exported Timber Products”

Our service includes:

Pick-up, repair and re-delivery of pallets. We can also dispose of unrepairable pallets and supply repair boards for companies to self-repair.

The Pallet Company owns a modern fleet of vehicles capable of transporting all products manufactured to the customers’ sites.

Our fleet includes both flat deck trucks and curtain-siders (a covered in truck) for specific orders that require dry delivery.

“Stock on hand” services.

We hold stock of common sizes and also for regular orders as agreed/prearranged. We have storage facilities to accommodate a range of products from wooden pallets and crates to fruit bins.


The Pallet Company was pleased to be once again the major sponsor for the ARHT Golf day held at Aviation Country Club.

This year our annual golf day was a complete sell out! with a record year raising over $24,000 for the chopper! Thank you to all our supporters on the day!! We are thankful to the teams, people and companies who turn out every year to make this a success!

We look forward to 2017! – watch this space for registration details!